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Learning for Life

The Stonebridge School

Learning for Life

Reading at Stonebridge

Our Whole School Reading Curriculum & Progression Overview 2023-2024

Our intent at Stonebridge is to enable all children to be fluent readers who can talk eloquently about a wide range of texts and genres. Most importantly, our goal is that our children discover a love of books from Nursery, which is continued right up until they leave us in Year 6 and beyond. Reading and the explicit teaching of reading is at the heart of and drives our whole curriculum.

We see it as our job to not just prepare children to be “secondary ready” but to be “life ready” as the reading skills which we teach them, they will use for the rest of their lives. It’s therefore imperative that school and families work together to ensure our children receive the best opportunities possible.

Being a fluent reader with a love of books opens up many opportunities to the wider world, as well as enabling the children to access other areas of the curriculum more easily. Because of this, we ensure that reading is part of all areas of the curriculum so that it’s seen as a life skill, which opens up the door to richer learning experiences and not just a discrete subject

We want our children to:

  • See themselves as a reader and celebrate their success
  • Read for pleasure, becoming enthusiastic and reflective readers
  • Be introduced to language rich texts, which link to the wider curriculum and respond to children’s interests
  • Understand the relevance of reading to themselves and their lives
  • Develop resilience as independent readers
  • Ensure our children have sound phonic awareness and use a phonics first approach to reading

The most important thing that children will do at school is learn to read.

The process of teaching and learning to read is complex, there are many different strands that are woven together. We want all of our children to achieve fluent reading as quickly as possible, because where this reading is efficient, readers can focus on the meaning of what they are reading. This then has the potential to open every possible door in their wider learning.

Scarborough’s ‘Rope Model’ demonstrates how complex the process of reading is. It is an important reminder that we need to be competent in all strands in order to read with fluency and comprehension and thus become and remain skilled readers.

Overview of reading skills, strategies and when they are taught

Fluency – the foundation of reading success

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This link below contains 10 tips to encourage your child(ren) to read.