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The Stonebridge School

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The Stonebridge School

Learning for Life

KS1 Reading (DSR)

At Stonebridge our KS1 pupils, and targeted pupils from KS2, have daily reading sessions with a trained daily supported reading member of staff. This enables children to receive high-quality daily reading sessions. Daily Supported Reading is a scripted program that raises the quantity of successful Independent reading accomplished by each child in Key stage 1. It also supports a coherent approach to the reading curriculum and helps to move all children on in their reading. It helps our pupils make accelerated progress by working in a coherent and systematic way. Our children really enjoy daily reading matched to their independent reading level and working with a trained adult.

Our staff use differentiated lesson guides to move children on and make sound judgements about when to do so. This method has a proven track record of success in raising school reading standards at KS1 and is used by a growing number of schools across the country.

We have observed more rapid progress and more confident readers in our KS1 due to the introduction of Daily Supported Reading.

Our pupils and parents are very positive about the impact of Daily Supported Reading.

The aim of the programme is to:

  • Develop the skills of adults to meet the needs of children learning how to read
  • Ensure a varied responsive and consistent approach to independent text reading by children in EYFS/KS1
  • Dramatically increase the quantity of texts that beginner readers engage with enjoyably and independently every day
  • Ensure that all children make good progress by working with a trained adult in a small group every day
  • Establish a coherent approach to early reading instruction in KS1
  • Enable children to enjoy daily independent reading, increasing the quantity and challenge of texts across the year

The aim for children is to:

  • Receive quantity daily reading in small groups of no more than 6, led by a trained adult 
  • Focus on independent problem solving so that children actively construct their own learning while keeping a story of message in mind  
  • Have daily opportunities to read independently, in small groups, at their own ability level with a trained adult

The aim for adults is to:

  • Have the opportunity to teach a range of children who are learning to read 
  • Build the capacity of the school staff and DSR volunteers to move children on and make effective judgments about when to do so 
  • Provide ongoing professional development for all adults involved 

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